Richie M Hecker. Richie M. Hecker is a global entrepreneur. He serves CEO of Traction and Scale, an investment bank and consulting company.  At Traction and Scale, he helps grow companies through strategic marketing and executes corporate finance transactions.

Richie grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Inspired by early internet entrepreneurs, Richie started his first company at the age of 15. He started with just hustle and an idea, and built a profitable online advertising company.

He went on to run a marketing services company based in both New York and New Delhi, serving top mortgage companies, pioneering marketing technologies that are now mainstream. He is driven by the opportunity to transform people’s lives through the power of finance and entrepreneurship. 

Richie developed expertise in building technology companies with a focus on marketing and corporate development. Richie took one company public and has led acquisitions of distressed assets that previously had combined market caps of around $1.5BN.

Richie is also a leading tech community organizer, producing events and media that have brought together founders and investors leading to many successful financings and exits.   

Richie gives back to the community by giving inspirational talks around the world and is an opinion writer for leading publications including Observer, TechCrunch, and WSJ Accelerators.  He is a graduate of Binghamton University with a BS in Finance and holds certifications in personal training and yoga.