Traction and Scale (TS) is a consulting company and investment bank. TS builds, grows and finances technology companies and real estate projects.  TS provides consulting services focused on product development, and revenue growth. TS provides investment banking services through its TS Equity division, focusing on capital raising and M&A. 

We partner with companies transforming their industries.

  • Technology. We have deep experience in the technology industry and have a strong network of operators and investors. We have built businesses in AdTech, FinTech, InsureTech, media, e-commerce, social and mobile.

  • Physical World. We believe that technology is transforming the traditional world and work with companies looking to drive innovation across all sectors.

  • Real Estate.  People always need a place to live, work and play.   We execute acquisitions, financings and development.

Traction and Scale incorporates its TS Methodology to help companies grow. 

TS helps companies grow throughout their lifecycle with capital and consulting services. TS can help serve as founding team member, consultant and investment banker to help build the foundations of great companies and then help them scale.  

This allows our clients to leverage our deep connections and operating expertise.

Ecosystem: We actively connect our partners and clients together to build communities, creating thriving ecosystems. 

Value-add: We help with product design and distribution.  Our team has founded, advised and funded companies across the private and public markets and help achieve growth through marketing, business development, capital markets and M&A strategies.  

·       We help companies transform and grow

·       We have experience across the capital structure including startups, growth equity, public, private, and debt markets. 

·       We add value driving growth and accessing capital markets

·       We build ecosystems, creating deal flow and proprietary opportunities

·       We forge a long-term perspective, with a focus on enterprise value creation