Our Services

We help make big ideas reality.

We look for the right teams to partner with an design a structure that suits the situation.

Growth Consulting: We advise clients and execute growth strategies.  We help our clients identify and research markets, develop products, find traction and gain scale through marketing, sales and business development. We operate across all stages from startups to corporate and turn-arounds.

Investment Banking: We are dealmakers and believe in looking creatively at structures and markets to achieve transformative goals. We help clients execute corporate development strategies including capital raises and M&A. Our team has done private, public, secondary and distressed deals.  

Principal Investments:  We sometimes organize groups to lead deals, and other times invest sweat equity to help cofound companies. 

We first evaluate the people. We look for teams built on a foundation of integrity. Then we look at the idea and if the team is the right team to execute the idea. Finally we evaluate timing and market cycle. We look for companies that are building strong long-term brands around their products. We believe that certain sectors hold value during all economies such  as Health & Wellness, Education, Finance, and Enterprise Infrastructure, while others are more cycle driven such  as Media, Commerce, Gaming, etc...

Societal NEEDS:

Infrastructure                           Finance & Real Estate                               Health & Wellness                                    Education


Social WANTS:

                 Content                           Mobile

Media                                      Commerce                                Gaming


What we look for in partners and clients:

  • Long term sustainable orientation

  • Proven execution ability

  • Foundation of high integrity

  • Transformative opportunity


  • Clear scalable distribution

  • Clear capital requirements for sustainability

  • Organic growth and M&A


  • Identifiable addressable markets

  • Team is the right match for the idea

  • High satisfaction in product testing

T&S works with companies of all sizes but focuses on key inflection points, around gaining Traction and building Scale.